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Nestled in the lower Galil region, between the sea of Galilei and Mount Tavor, is the small village of Ilania where you will find our private and family owned farm. It is a little piece of heaven where the land, farm animals and people are truly loved and valued.


Our farm was designed and built with our bare hands on the principles of Permaculture.

It is with the dedication and hard work of our amazing staff (who are like family to us) that we invest in taking care of the land and its surroundings.

We are proud and more than happy to share the magic that was created here with you.


On the farm you will meet our hens which generously lay eggs every day, our adorable and friendly goats, native and fruit trees, traditionally grown vines, a bountiful vegetable garden and beautiful flower beds.


Our wide-open space is fully equipped for you to hang out and relax, host a workshop and of course have a party or gathering with family and friends.

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On the farm we offer two rooms, each of which accommodate a couple.

The rooms are built in beautifully remodeled old train cars which were placed in the orchard among the trees.

Each train car has a double sized bed, kitchenette, private bathroom and a lovely porch. An extra mattress can be added.

The Guava car- nestled under the Guava tree

The grapefruit car- nestled under the Grapefruit tree

Sleeping arrangements
grapefruit cabin
guava cabin
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Workshops, retreats and small occasions:

From time to time we enjoy hosting workshops related to eco- minded way of life and sustainable home farming. You are welcome to stay updated through our website. If you have a workshop or retreat that you would like to conduct here, you are welcome to reach out to us.


Planning a party or gathering? Feel free to contact us

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